What is Smart EVSE?

Smart EVSE is a  charge controller for charging Electric Vehicles (EV)


The Smart EVSE can dynamically adjust the maximum power the EV will charge with.
It supports a charging socket with locking actuator, or fixed charge cable.
Up to four SmartEVSE’s can be connected together to allow for load balancing between charging stations.

Smart EVSE is mainly focussed on the European market with the following features:


  • Comes in standard DIN rail enclosure.
  • Smart charging capable, reduces charging current when demand elsewhere increases. (requires sensorbox)
  • The load balancing feature allows you connect up to 4 SmartEVSE’s to one mains supply.
  • Switched 230Vac output, for contactor/relay.
  • Can be used with fixed cable, or socket and charging cable.
  • Automatically selects current capacity of the connected cable (13/16/32/63A)
  • Locking actuator support, locks the charging cable in the socket, automatically unlocks on a power failure.
  • Powered RS485 communication bus for sensorbox.
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • All module parameters can be configured using the display and buttons.
  • Setup can also be done through serial CLI.
  • Firmware upgradable.
  • The controller operates at a mains voltage from 110-240Vac
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):  52 x 91 x 58 mm (width: 3 DIN modules)
  • Open source.

Some pictures of Smart EVSE probably say more then a thousand words:

This shows Smart EVSE on the right with a 40A contactor/relays on the left. This setup is a 3-phase 32A (22kW) capable EVSE.


Open Source EV charging