What is Smart EVSE?

Smart EVSE is a Open Hardware and Software for charging Electric Vehicles (EV) using the J1772 signaling protocol.

Charging Stations for EVs communicate with EVs prior to activating the contactor to start the flow of electricity to the vehicles onboard charger(s).

Smart EVSE is mainly focussed on the European market with the following features:

  • J1772 signaling compliant (Control Pilot).
  • Proximity Pilot (PP) detection for maximum current of charging cable.
  • Locking actuator support for locking the Type 2 connector.
  • Can also be used with fixed charging cable.
  • Smart Charging capable, reduces charging current when demand elsewhere increases.
  • Load balancing capable, share the mains supply with up to 4 Smart EVSE’s, without overloading it.
  • DIN-rail housing with LCD and buttons (behind the cover), for configuring ¬†all parameters directly on the module.
  • Firmware upgradable.
  • Fully Open Source and free! (Not as in free beer)

Some pictures of Smart EVSE probably say more then a thousand words:

This shows Smart EVSE on the right with a 63A contactor/relays on the left. This setup is a 3-phase 32A (22kW) capable EVSE.
Close-up Smart EVSE

The same setup but zoomed out a bit. It shows the Type 2 socket (with actuator) on the left connected to the Smart EVSE controller.
Overview Smart EVSE

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